CQ Celebration 2022

London | Tuesday 20th September

An inaugural one-day event dedicated to celebrating our differences.

Are you looking to thrive in an increasingly diverse world? ​

Join us for a unique conference to celebrate Cultural Intelligence (CQ®) and discover its transformative impact on personal and professional lives. In this interactive all-day event, a group of renowned industry leaders and speakers will help you explore CQ and how it improves your interactions and relationships. A book launch, theatre experience, group activities, breakout sessions and networking opportunities and so much more are planned. You will leave inspired to go back to the world with a deeper appreciation of the real impact of CQ on your personal and professional life.

Event Summary

1-Day Event

Tuesday 20th September 2022

9:15am – 4.30pm BST

4:15 am – 11:30 am EST

Cost Varies

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Featured Speakers

Our featured speakers represent various perspectives  in cultural intelligence, diversity, inclusion and human resources, including Ritika Wadhwa, Rob Neil (OBE), Dr. David Livermore (PhD), Marsha Ramroop, Asif Sadiq (MBE), Shereen Daniels, Antony Quinn, and Syrus Lowe

View the full Speaker Lineup.

Why Attend?

  • Need help improving your interactions and relationships with diverse colleagues, friends and family? 
  • Do you believe that cultural differences can empower us to build a better world? 
  • Want to learn how to make the most out of culturally diverse situations?
  • Are you new to CQ or are you already a CQ Champion?  Either way, you should attend!

Help spread the transformative power of Cultural Intelligence!

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